Thursday, January 30, 2014

Third Grade

I'm not sure it is possible for Simple Stories to create a collection that I don't love.  Their Smarty Pants collection is one of my new faves and I certainly have an unending amount of different photos for school events.  I created this page of my 9 year old Austin. I'm actually getting a school photo scrapped in the year it was taken, amazing feat.  Now maybe I can go back and do last years that I haven't done :)

I just love all the tags that come with this collection.  Not all kids love school.  Austin is there for the socialization and could do without the learning.  So many lines stick to things like school is cool and A+ Student.  These tags fit my boy so much better!

I loved the glasses that came with the sticker sheet.  This is the first year my son has had to wear glasses, so they were just the perfect addition. And here is a little sampling of one of my new loves, modeling paste!  I've become quite addicted to adding little touches of it on my pages.



  1. Love all the tags you used on here. I love how the modeling paste looks like stitching on the bottom (in fact that is what I thought that it was.) Super cute layout!

  2. Oh, I agree, those glasses ARE the perfect touch! CUTE! He's adorable! Love this collection too! Simple Stories is awesome! Love this layout!!!

  3. that is super cute. I also love their collections.

  4. Great school page Tracy! Those glasses as perfect and I love how you used the twine on the picture and how you did the modeling paste.

  5. I love all the layers on this layout