Sunday, July 1, 2012

Scrapping more than pictures

Good morning all!  Wendy here...finally!  What a week!  We took a much needed family vacation and now I need another vacation to recover.  Haven't we all said that at one time or another?
All I can say is, no matter how much planning you do, something always goes wrong. I won't go into the list of disasters that took's not enough time!

But I can tell you about making sure you remember your vacations.  I always start with a list of "must have" pictures and photo ops.  Sometimes I get them all, and for the times I don't, oh well...there's always next time.

Secondly, I bring lots of ziplock bags to protect all my paperwork.  You never know when things will come in handy for the scrapbook.  I collect maps, tickets, receipts, gift cards, times guides, stickers, post cards, guide books...anything.  Everything goes into a ziplock bag.

For all of those tickets, confirmation numbers and such, I always take pictures of that info, just in case.  You never know what can get lost in the chaos of travel and packing and unpacking.  My daughter lost her purse TWICE!  luckily, she was able to get it back, but I am so glad I took a picture of her ticket card to record her guest code.

There are so many ways to add these things to your scrapbook.  I like to make pocket tags or library pockets to hold tickets.

A map can be used as background paper.  Just fit the map to the size of your layout and place a sheet of vellum over it.  It makes the map a subtle backdrop for some great photos.

Gift cards, buttons and receipts make some cute embellishments too.  For the buttons, just pop off the back.

This page was made using the back page of a brochure.  I cut the page into strips and then added my own photo.  Easy peasy!

My advice....never underestimate the power of paraphernalia!  If you are not afraid to use it, it can be a blast saving everything and making it work!

Just don't forget the ziplock bags!

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. Really enjoyed this post Tammi! My earliest layouts included a lot of memorabilia and I miss that on my pages now. Love your tickets pocket. I'm going to try that ! I have lots of concert tickets to use. Thanks!

  2. I like the idea of making a list before the trip---I'll have to remember to do that!
    and yes, I always use ticket stubs, maps, receipts, etc on my pages

  3. Love these ideas! I usually use a library pocket or something similar - nice to have more ideas!! :)