Thursday, March 29, 2012

April Fools has come early to My Scraps...

April Fool's Day! What a great day to play jokes on the ones you love and care about! Maybe you will change all of the clocks in your house, cook something funny or tell some untruths. Whatever your pranks may be, I hope that they are enjoyed, and captured on film, to remember for years to come. To help celebrate this fun holiday, My Scraps & More has hidden 5 April Fool's greetings throughout the shop. Tell me where they can all be found and you will receive a paper collection from Authentique (excluding Celebrate and Genuine) FREE with your order (tell me if there is a certain line you would prefer to receive)!!! We also have a special 30% off promo code for you -  LOOFLIRPA   This offer is good now through April 1st AND THATS NO JOKE!!

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