Monday, February 24, 2014

What does it LOOK like?

Sometimes shopping online can be hard, especially for scrapbooking supplies.  What EXACT pieces are in that package of ephemera I am about to buy? What is the texture of that paper like?  I thought of this as I was physically looking through all the product in the store this past weekend and did a little shopping for myself! The images that I had seen of the products in stock just didn't do them justice sometimes.

So I decided that I am going to start showing you some photos of the REAL that I have taken so that you can see some more detail and what is actually IN the package.  Now obviously, I have to OPEN the packages to see these things, so I will share with you today two items that I bought for myself!

The first are the gold foil leaves from Studio Calico, Lemon Lush.  They are vellum leaves of different shades of green, yellow, and blue, whose tips are gold.

Here they are on a sneak of a page I am working on:

Another item that I just love are these acetate sheets, also from Studio Calico, Wanderlust.  There are 12 different 4 1/4 x 6" acetate sheets with white printing on them, each one a different pattern.  PERFECT for card making or pocket page scrapping!

Here is a sneak of one I used on a card:

You should REALLY check out the embellishments in both the LemonLush and Wanderlust collections from Studio Calico.  They are very versatile for any type of layout or project!

So is there a certain product that you would like to see in more detail????  Just let me know and I will try and take a photo for you to see!

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Have a great week everyone!


  1. Hi Audrey - This is a great idea!! Thanks for showing us some up close pictures. You're right,
    it's hard to shop online sometimes so this will make it better. Those gold foil leaves are so beautiful
    and I'm expecting some in a box from you today. Can't wait!

  2. Great idea! I often think this when looking online! I don't have any specifics right now but will let you know when I do. Your sneaks are great, can't wait to see the projects!

  3. Thanks for going the extra mile to shos us really helps. Loving the sneaks. Congratulations Cynthia B. enjoy shopping!

  4. I love Studio Calico! Love both the leaves and the acetate sheets! Great sneak peeks too! :)

  5. Luckiest. Scrapper. Ever.! Thanks!
    And I think this is an awesome idea to show pics of these products. Besides big box stores, I don't have any brick-and-mortar stores around me for scrapping anymore, so I often hesitate to buy stuff besides paper and basic accents.
    Off to leave you an email. :D

  6. thanks for the preview - these look interesting

  7. This has always been one of the challenges when I shop online. So happy to see these in use! Great idea Audrey!

  8. Awesome idea to show a closer look at the smaller items in the store, Audrey! I just discovered Studio Calico and love many of the embellishments I've seen so far!

  9. Great idea Audrey! I was looking at those same acetate sheets just recently and wondered what they all looked like. Now I definitely want them!

  10. Looks like I'll have to make another purchase soon!!