Thursday, July 25, 2013

Time for Camp!

As you are reading this I am attending church camp with the youth.  I have gone to our church's childrens camp where we took about 15 kids but this year my son is in youth so I decided to go with them.  There will be 108 kids going from our church, grades 7th-12th.  I hope you are praying for me.  I'm sure it is going to be an experience.  In honor of camp I decided to create a page from camp last year.  I created this page using Fancy Pants Swagger Collection.

I decided to get a little playful with some thick twine that I had.  I was originally going to sew with it but I was entirely too thick for my needle and the holes so I got out my handy glue and got a similar effect.



  1. love this page. Have fun at camp! You will have great memories from it.

  2. What a fantastic layout. Love everything about it especially how you used the twine. Love all the layering.