Thursday, May 28, 2015

How to add video to your layouts

Hi there, Lisa here today to share a little tutorial for adding QR codes linked to videos on your layouts.  In the first layout I'm sharing (a little Throwback Thursday to Crate's Open Road Collection) the QR code links to a You Tube video. You can see I added a little print out of the QR code onto my layout.

I've created a close up for you so it's easier to scan.  You'll want to use any QR code reader app on your smart phone to scan the code and view the video.   I use this QR Reader app to both scan and create my codes. 

This second layout links to an Instagram video I posted.  

Here's the QR code...

To create the codes in this app, all you do is open the app and click "create".  At the top there is a little +, click that and add the url for your video, then click done. The QR code pops up.  You can then save it to your camera roll , send it in an email or copy it.  Use which ever way allows you to print easily.  I just saved it to my camera roll and then printed it out like a photo.  (I put several of them onto a 4 x 6 and put it in pic stitch to make them smaller.)  It's super easy and really addictive.  It's also a great way to free up space on your phone.  Once the videos are uploaded to You Tube, you can delete them off your phone!  I hope you've enjoyed this little tutorial today and I'd love to see your layouts with QR codes! Please upload them to our gallery and/or share on our facebook page!


  1. This is so cute, love the wood embellies!

  2. Awesome pages and tutorial Lisa!