Thursday, December 5, 2013

Spread a little Joy

During the holiday season I love receiveing Christmas cards in the mail.  It is sad to see this tradition dying down.  I remember growing up and my moms wall being covered in cards.  Even when my husband and I first got married we used to have the whole countertop covered with cards in our dining room.  Now it seems I receive about five.  I do still send them out but not as many as I used to.  I will admit I take the easy route and have picture cards made usually of just the kids.  This year I challenge you to spread some joy.  Make a Christmas card and send it to someone.  Here is a card I made for the teacher I work with. I created this card using Glitz Hello December.

Over on the message board we are having a Christmas card exchange.  We will make 3 cards to send to other members on the boards.  We would love for you to come play along.



  1. Love the glittery snowflakes on your card.

  2. pretty card Tracy, I love receiving cards too!

  3. So cute! I know what you mean, we don't send as many or get as many. Making cards to send you also need to keep pretty flat or things get caught in the machine at the post office.