Thursday, August 9, 2012

Make it Work

For me a simple piece of cardstock is not enough for my background paper.  If I could, I would use pattern paper for all my backgrounds.  Unfortunately that can get quite expensive.  I also have a hard time using a sheet of really good paper from a collection when I know so much of it will be covered up.  I found a paper pack of ledger paper for really cheap, unfortunately all of it had some little design either down the side or in the corners.  But I love the grid look as background paper so I bought it anyway.  I've had to become quite creative to make it work but it has been worth it for the price I paid.

This is a piece of that paper combined with Echo Park This and That Charming collection.  You can see just a bit of the leaf pattern down in the corner.  I misted the paper and hit that corner pretty thick with the mist so it wouldn't stand out to much and was quite happy with how it cam out.



  1. This is so cute Tracy, I love watching that show with DH.

  2. What great ideas! :) This layout is wonderful! :)