Thursday, August 16, 2012

Grand Slam

If you would have asked me about 6 years ago what my thoughts were on baseball I probably would have said I don't really care for it.  Well it was 6 years ago my oldest started playing t-ball and each year I have become more and more baseball crazed.  I now have 2 boys playing and never miss their games, and we finally made it to our first Rangers game this year.  When Tammi gave us the chance to work with one of Echo Parks mini kits I knew it had to be the Grand Slam kit.

These first two are from the Rangers game.  It was an end of the season treat for my sons Rangers machine pitch team to go see the real Rangers play, and they pulled out a win for a great game.

Now you have probably noticed some pops of red and blue in many of these pages.  The Grand slam kit does contain some red but I decided to also pick up the Echo Park 4th of July mini kit.  Our school colors are red, white, and blue and my oldest has been the Cardinals with these colors for 3 years now.  Fourth of July papers work really well for baseball pages.  So I've combined the 2 mini kits for all of my pages.  These next 2 pages are from my oldest sons team.  They won their district tournament and were able to play in the state tournament.  It was such a wonderful experience for all involved.



  1. I love the hexagons in the bottom layout!

  2. These are all really great! I do a ton of softball and baseball myself so I'm always looking for new ideas. Love the bottom one especially. Oh and I love 4th of July kits for baseball too, works awesome.

  3. LOVE what you did with that line, those are great bball pages!!!!