Saturday, August 11, 2012

Color Swatches

Have you tried the new Sherwin-Williams website? It is really for matching paints to colors to a photo or ad but I have been finding it quite useful in my scrapbooking.  

You can take a picture of something you like....say....this amazing porch. 

and download it into the website to get the colors as this...

Now that I have an awesome color scheme, I can put it to work in my scrapbooking!  How awesome is that??

In fact, I decided to do this in reverse for today's daily challenge at My Scraps and More....I created a layout, ran it through, and created a color scheme for you to follow.   Want to play along?  Here is my layout and the color scheme for you to follow:

So cool, and totally usable for more than your home decorating needs!!


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