Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Still In Love

Hello and good morning....

I have totally become just smitten with the Simple Stories DIY Boutique line... it's just so fun and playful, it makes me want to keep creating with it.
This is a photo of hubby and I taken at my cousins wedding back in April. I noticed we hadn't taken a couple picture in a while and we were due up for one.

I added some stitching at the top and bottom:

and fussy cut out the circles from the Freeze Frame paper:

So make sure to take pictures with the ones you love often. Thanks sooo much for stopping by and have a great day!!!!


  1. Great reminder - since my husband and I are always taking the pictures, there are none of us together. Great layout too!

  2. Great photo of the two of you. I love this line and how it all pops off the black, great layout!

  3. Your comment about taking a photo with those you love is something I think about and DO all of the time! I'm the selfie queen with my daughters! I don't care how I look or if my hair is perfect, I snap that photo! I never understand why people are so hesitant to be in their own photos! It's YOU! Love it! Embrace it! Anyway, LOVE this photo of you both, and your layout is fabulous! I haven't cut into this collection yet! I'll be doing that SOON!

  4. This is one of my FAVORITE collections ever. I'm thinking I might have to go buy some more of it!

  5. Wow! Loving how you used this Simple Stories line! Very cute!