Thursday, May 16, 2013

Boy Cards

How many of you are like me and when you have a card challenge you tend to go the feminine route?  It is so easy to make pretty girly cards.  Well the problem with that is I have 2 boys and 4 nephews, in other words lots of boy birthday parties.

I have actually resorted to buying a few cards lately because I had no boy cards in my stash and no time to make them.  I took my oldest shopping the other day and told him to pick out a card for his friend and his response was "can't you make one, these are all babyish".  How could I say no to him choosing one of my cards over a store bought.  I went ahead and made one and decided it was time to start making some boy cards to have in my stash.  I created three cards using Echo Parks All About a Boy collection.



  1. So cool that he asked you to MAKE a card for his friend! These turned out awesome! :)

  2. Love these boy cards! And so sweet of your son to want your handmade card for his friend!