Thursday, March 14, 2013

It's all Good!

How creative are you when you scrap?  Do you stick with your paper and embellishments the way they come or do you look at things in a unique way?  If you just use the basics as is, try to venture out and look at the big picture.  Take a look at the packaging that the embellishments come in.  Some of them have awesome designs on the backing or the label can be used on a page.  Also, don't forget the the strips of paper that you cut off of the the bottom of the paper.  Some of them have a thin strip of the pattern in a smaller print and of course they also always have the name of the line on them.  They can be very creative with those names.  Here is a page I created using Glitz Color Me Happy.

Here you can see where I cut the name off the bottom of one of the paper strips and used it as a subtitle.  It looks like it was made to be an embellishment.


  1. Love your layout, so colorful! I realized a few months ago that I could use those bottom strips for things like flags or small sentiments on cards, and LOVED being able to use even the tiniest piece! I even cut a title out with my Cuttlebug using nothing but the little strip! BUT, I have learned the downside to discovering this .... is I save SO MANY tiny scraps now!! It's almost embarrasing how many teensy tiny little bits I've started to hoard! I even bought a new organizer so I could see them better (and use more)! LOVE IT!!! :D

  2. Great page, Tammi!Love the bright colors!

  3. Such a bright, colorful page Tammi. Smart idea to use the branding strip too. Might as well be able to use the WHOLE page, right. Thanks for sharing once again! I don't know how you find the time to scrap with all the great things happening in the!