Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy Wednesday and a Secret to Share!

Good morning! Hope your week is going good so far!
Lisa here with you this morning to share a little secret. you know those strips at the bottom of patterned paper that you usually cut off, well, I found a use for them and it saves me from cutting into a new sheet of paper!
Here's the paper:

I cut out the part that shows what is on the backside of the patterned paper and used it for a border on this layout:

Here is a close- up:
I used the All Star Collection Kit from Echo Park for this basketball page.

Hope this tip helps the next time you need a small border for your card or layout!



  1. I just stared doing that and love the idea.

  2. that is so clever and I have been using them too.. great minds think alike... love the page and it's perfect for it. I even like the All Star square as an embellishment too.

  3. wonderful idea Lisa!!! I use those strips all the time too, why not, it's more paper!!! GREAT page!!!

  4. I love this tip and I often use the full strips, but DUH! Never thought to use the partial strips before! Thanks Lisa!

  5. I use these all the time - great layout!

  6. Great tip Lisa and yes I have used them before if I needed a small border for some reason!