Thursday, June 7, 2012

Don't be afraid of the water!

I have been loving this first week of summer (well not official summer, but kids out of school summer).  I hope you are not afraid of the pools, lakes, or ocean.  We plan to spend lot's of time in the water this summer.  That is really the only way to get outside during the summer in Texas.

I wasn't actually referring to that kind of water though.  I was referring to water and your layouts.  I know that probably makes some people cringe.  I used to be very careful keeping any type of liquid far away from my papers.  Lately though, I've been having quite a bit of fun with water.  Here is an example.

First I took a paintbrush and brushed water all around the edges of the polka dot paper.  With the paper wet I began rolling and scrunching it.  It is very easy to get that distressed look when it is wet and then it will dry again and be stiff in the form you want it.  Next I painted onto the background.  I wanted to have a little purple in there to match the uniform but didn't want to overdo it on a boy layout so I took a wet paintbrush and blended the blue and purple streaks in with the white to give it just a touch of color.  So don't be afraid of that water anymore.

If you haven't popped into the forum, head on over and check out the pre-crop challenges for My Scraps Got Talent.  I used one of the challenge sketches by Kristine Davidson for this layout with the Echo Park  Note To Self collection. 


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