Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mix and Match

Good Morning, this is Tracy and I'm here to tell you about something I have a lot of difficulties with, mixing lines! It is just so easy to grab one line out with all it's matching embellishments and create a whole LO from it. Sometimes the colors are not quite right though and you need a little something more. One of the easiest ways to mix lines is to look at lines in the same manufacture. Many times they will have similar designs and shades that work really well together but by putting the two together they will give you the color variety you need. That is what I did with these Authentique lines. For this layout I used the Journey and Uncommon lines.

By mixing the lines I was able to get the feminine and masculine look for the layout of 2 of my little ones all dressed up on Easter Sunday.

With this one I combined the Journey and Blissful Authentique lines.  This helped highlight each boy with the clothes they were wearing.


  1. great job mixing and matching Tracy! I really like your pages!!

  2. Great layouts Tracy! I like how you mixed up the Authentique lines,

  3. Love the mixing of papers Tracy! Cute pages!