Friday, August 26, 2011

I am Not liking Mother Nature!!

First an earthquake, which is unheard of in Virginia, then a horrible storm yesterday. It looks like a tornado went through our neighborhood!! Trees are down everywhere! We have two on our house and several across the driveway and road. Clean up will take days! We lost power for about 14 hours. So glad we have it back because now we have to look forward to Irene!! They say the hurricaine is going to affect us here and the news is telling us to prepare for no power for several days!!! So now you see why I am not liking Mother Nature too much right now!! Please stay safe to all of those that this storm is threatening!

Our goodbye to summer crop starts tonight at 5pm! Please visit the message board and pick your menu items so that you don't miss out on the BBQ menu challenge! Also, Bingo words are up and ready for you to pick! It is going to be fun!! Many prizes are going to be Basic Grey, Bella Blvd and more!!

Stay safe everyone and I hope to see you at the crop this weekend!!


  1. Tammi, you have not had a good week! Stay safe in Irene!!

  2. thinking about you
    stay safe
    hoping the winds and storm stay far away

    I can't believe the weather is a weird as it's been
    hang in there
    sorry to hear all that has happened so far