Thursday, December 27, 2012

An Early Resolution

If you have been over to the forum, you may have heard of my early resolution already.  I've been eying a few lines in the store and CHA is coming soon with all the bright colors I love that come out this time of year, but I have so much paper.  It is hard to justify buying any new stuff.  I will of course though because if you miss a line you may never have a chance to get it again :)  So I decided to make myself an early New Years Resolution.  

I started digging into my old paper and grabbing out lines that only had a few sheets and some scraps left to them.  I then got to work creating pages with only that line until it was gone.  I either used every bit of it or what was left was so small I threw it away.  I have worked through 5 lines doing this and feel so much better about when all the new stuff comes out being able to buy it :)

One of the lines I worked with was Echo Park Note to Self.  I actually made 6 LO's out of the remainder of this line.  Here are just two of them.

Hope this has inspired you.  Are you planning on making any New Years Scrappy Resolutions?

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  1. I know, I know...I have so many lines with nearly a small dent in them, but at least I still have room for I did a HUGE, huge purge earlier this year, so I happily get more lines, but I do pick and choose what I buy.

    GREAT layouts you made. Of course the fact that it is EP is just a bonus!

    Resolutions for me: hmmmm, let's see...
    Probably to just keep printing photos. I would LOVE to have ALL my pics printed since going digital in 2004, but I am s.l.o.w.l.y gaining some ground and hope to continue with that in 2013, and of course to keep scrapping.